Hiking and Nature Trails - Taughannock State Park

Trails are seasonal. The Gorge Trail is a very pleasant 3/4 mile (1.4 km) mile walk on a flat, wide, trail that ends near the base of the falls. On a hot summer day this is particularily enjoyable with a fine cool mist from the falls and along the creek bed. It is also enjoyable in winter because of the ease of navigation and flatter surface. Others might enjoy the Rim Trail which can be somewhat challenging yet very rewarding with many scenic vistas. The park asks that you stay on designated trails, areas of the Rim trail can be dangerous. Note: the rim trail is closed during the winter months. The main entrance to the trails can be found just off the parking lot on the opposite side of Route 89 from Cayuga Lake. The Multi-Purpose Trails are open in the Winter for hiking and cross-country skiing.

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